General Terms and Conditions for Sponsoring and Advertising of the non-profit Fundación Liedtke


Terms and Conditions for sponsorships and advertising of the non-profit Fundación Liedtke
Calle Olivera 35 ES-07157 Port d’Andratx Mallorca, Spain CIF: ES G57012460
hereinafter referred to as FOUNDATION.

  1. Media contact guarantee 
    The ethics Sponsor uses his preferential right to acquire sponsorship packages with a price per thousand contacts of approx. 10 Euro for potential media customer contacts. Media contacts include sponsorship advertising in all media appearing in Codigo Universo editorial reports, in the Codigo Universo own media and foreign media, press, Internet, radio and television until the guaranteed media contacts for the sponsor have been reached. Possible media contacts include media articles and advertisements in all media, through the Codigo Universo or Dieter Liedtke activities, the Codigo Universo projects, the art open art exhibitions and/or through possible contacts with Dieter Liedtke Codigo Universo books, with the Social Network aimeim, with the Globalpeace Campus, with the Liedtke Museum in Spain. The possible media contacts and media contact guarantee in all media also include: Cultural events and media articles on Dieter Liedtke, the Liedtke Museum, the Codigo Universo as well as codigo universo and art open art exhibitions, the Globalpeace Campus, the TOE The Theory of Everything, the art formula, the aimeim cell rejuvenation, wherein the sponsor 1st is not represented with his logo or 2nd with photo (s) or 3rd is not mentioned by name or with which he is not being associated through sponsor advertising 1 to 3, which, however, as a sponsor, he can use for his advertising in the media, if possible in the most coincident manner.
  2. Contact guarantee for sponsor advertisements at a price of 10 Euro per thousand contacts
    • Garantierte Medien-Kontaktzahl möglicher Kundenkontakte für Werbeanzeigen in allen Medien der Fundación Liedtke. Bei Nicht-Erreichen der möglichen garantierten Kundenkontakte wird die Vertragslaufzeit bis zum Erreichen der garantierten möglichen Medien-Kontakte verlängert oder es werden die geschalteten Anzeigen in weiteren Codigo Universo und Fundación Liedtke Medien (Print, Film, Internet) kostenlos geschaltet bis die garantierten möglichen Medienkontakte erreicht sind.
      1. Guaranteed number of media contacts of potential customer contacts for advertisements in all Fundación Liedtke media. If the guaranteed potential customer contacts are not reached, the contract period is extended until reaching the guaranteed potential media contacts, or the advertisements will be published in other Codigo Universo and Fundación Liedtke media (print, film, Internet...) free of charge until reaching the guaranteed potential media contacts.

      2. The valid price list for sponsorship packages and advertising of 01.01.2015 received by the sponsor is part of the contract and attached to this contract. The deliveries, services and offers by the FOUNDATION are provided exclusively on the basis of this agreement. It applies to all current and future business relationships, unless otherwise expressly agreed.

      3. The sponsor or company wanting to advertise in Codigo Universo Media, hereinafter also referred to as customer, orders the sponsorship package/s or advertising service in a legally binding manner. All special agreements require the written confirmation with the cultural sponsoring calculation by the FOUNDATION. Exclusion of competition or exclusivity can not be granted.

      4. The media design for print, TV, radio, multimedia, film, events and seminar media of the sponsor is subject to the specifications or approval by the FOUNDATION.

      5. Text, sound, film and other multimedia contributions provided by the customer are subject to the approval by the FOUNDATION. If the customer does not deliver his contributions/templates in time, the FOUNDATION would be authorized to create the content at their discretion at the necessary point in time. This usually happens up to approximately 12 weeks after receipt of the sponsorship order if the contributions have not been submitted to the FOUNDATION by then. The payment obligation of the customer remains unaffected. The customer is liable for the correctness of the submitted contributions as well as for the rights of use of the originators for contributions and any legal consequences arising from them. Logos, pictures, addresses, phone numbers, URLs, links ... and other amendments to the contributions must be notified immediately to the FOUNDATION.

      6. Corrected contributions are supplied on special order only. If the customer does not return a corrected contribution in due time, authorization for its creation shall be deemed granted, taking into account the correction/s.

      7. The FOUNDATION strives to ensure that the exhibitions, media and goods are released and/or supplied on the agreed dates, but is not responsible for compliance with a scheduled release date.

      8. The FOUNDATION is not bound by the order in case of return of services rendered if the sponsor or sponsor contributions violate ethical, moral or legal rules. In case of force majeure, any obligation to fulfil orders will be extinguished without compensation.

      9. The FOUNDATION will provide each sponsor with a free copy in electronic / PDF format. In addition, printed copies may be ordered from the FOUNDATION with 40% discount. Delivery will be made after the publication of the print media, plus shipping.

      10. Payments with liberating effect may only be made directly to the FOUNDATION to one of the specified bank accounts.

      11. Payments for sponsorship and advertising: Unless otherwise agreed, all cultural sponsoring invoices (ads, advertising, sponsorship, promotion entries in all print and electronic media) are payable without deduction.

      12. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all invoices are payable within 30 days after invoicing.

      13. The representative is art sponsorship consultant and independent entrepreneur (sponsorship and ethics consultant) and can not make any binding statements on behalf of the FOUNDATION.

      14. If parts of these provisions are or become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. The invalid provisions shall be replaced with new valid provisions that come closest to the originally intended economic purpose. The same applies to contractual loopholes. Agreements must be in writing to be valid.

      15. For all disputes arising directly or indirectly from the contractual relationship the place of jurisdiction and fulfilment is Palma de Mallorca and the Spanish law applies. All versions of this Agreement in other languages are provided for practical reasons. In case of conflicts only the Spanish version is the legal basis.

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